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Worst Songs With Good Music Videos

You can find many bad music videos, but what are the worst? Here are some bad examples:

Michael Jackson’s “I’m Not a Bad Guy” has a crappy music video that features the band member rapping about the bad things people have done to him. This ifpnewz song doesn’t even get a Billboard 200 slot, and it’s a flop despite good promotion. It’s probably the worst music video of all time, so let’s take a look.

A good example of a bad music video is wikiblog that of a pop song. A song like “Still Alive” by The Cure was released in 1991. The music video features a rap singer dressed in spandex, a saxophone player who looks like Rick Astley, and a bunch of other random stuff thrown into a concert hall. This video, while entertaining, is still pretty bad.

Besides bad lyrics, the song has a crappy music video. The lyrics aren’t inspiring and sound like rights-free music used in YouTube videos. The video is pretty corny, but a 123gonews t least it is a decent song. Most people love the music newsbiztime video, but don’t like the song. So how can a song that isn’t memorable be a good one?

A song that features the lyrics “Same Girl” was a good example of a bad song with a bad music video. The lyrics about cheating women and cheating are so cliched, but they don’t come across as sexist or homophobic. In a worst-case scenario, the video features a couple tricking a woman. At the end of the video, we learn that the couple itsmyblog are actually identical twins who went to Georgia Tech and now work at TBS. “Same Girl” was Kelly’s last song to make the Top 40.

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