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Why Don’t Most Clothing Stores Make Clothes For Large People?

If you’re a large person, you may be asking: Why don’t most clothing stores make clothes for big people? It’s a simple question, but one that has been troubling large-sized women for decades. Even major retailers have trouble catering to the plus-size market, and nearly all of their advertising campaigns feature models that are far too thin. That’s because designers and manufacturers are unwilling to produce clothes for large-sized women, and some retailers have canceled their plus-size brands. Recently, the parent company of Limited killed off its Eloquii plus-size brand.

One of the biggest problems is the lack of availability. Most clothing stores are not aware of the needs of plus-size women, and they aren’t able to offer them. Besides, plus-size clothing costs more than other sizes, so it’s more difficult to manufacture and sell. Furthermore, the larger sizes require more fabric than other sizes. Therefore, making good-quality clothes for large people takes more time and money.

Another issue is that most companies only cater to the narrow-segmented market. They focus on a narrow range of consumers, such as the slim, white woman. That’s not sustainable, especially considering the high cost of producing clothes in larger sizes. But in some cases, designers do recognize the potential profit. In the case of plus-size women, a large number of women wear size 14 or bigger.

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