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What Job Can I Get With an Education Degree?

If you’re wondering, “What job can I get with an education degree?” there are many opportunities. These professionals help people improve their lives through their expertise. Many education degree holders have found careers in corporate training or nonprofit organizations. Earning $56,000 per year, these professionals help organizations build their staffs. A career in education policy and research also provides several jobs in the field. They can work with advocacy groups, nonprofits, and politicians, or they can observe teachers in schools and classrooms in high-need areas.

The education degree is commonly associated with teaching, but it’s much more versatile than that. In addition to teaching, it can lead to administrative or principal roles, as well as other rewarding careers in schools. Those who want to work with children may want to pursue a career in writing. English teachers, for example, might choose a career in writing. Alternatively, those who like creating teaching plans can become curriculum designers. Curriculum designers develop educational materials and programs for schools.

An education degree can also lead to a career in curriculum development, corporate education, and school leadership. Education degree holders may be in high demand as they write user guides, manuals, and white papers. Others may choose to work for nonprofit organizations in which their work involves direct student support. Whatever the case may be, an education degree can open many doors in education. A career in this field is a great way to improve the lives of students.

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