What Channel is Republic Bharat on Sky?

What channel is Republic Bharat on Sky, and is it worth watching? This TV show has attracted a lot of attention for the offensive and derogatory treatment it has shown towards people of Indian origin. In fact, it has been fined by the Office of Communications for breaching the broadcasting code. The programme has also been convicted of using offensive language and promoting uncontextualised hate speech.

It has been removed from air in the UK due to the controversy surrounding Arnab Goswami’s comments on the Indian diaspora. The channel lasenorita  was fined 20 lakh rupees and fined 20000 euros by the British media watchdog Ofcom for promoting hatred in its programming. However, it is not listed in the Sky website’s program guide, where other Indian channels are. This means that you will need to go to the channel’s website to find out what it’s on.


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