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Is the High School Education in Canada Harder Than the US?

The US and Canada both have very different approaches to high school education. The US favors standardized tests, while Canada gives more weight to critical thinking and performance. Also, Canadian schools are significantly safer. According to CNN, 288 US schools have been attacked by gunmen since 2009, while Canada has only experienced two such incidents. While both countries have their own advantages and disadvantages, there are several key differences between the two countries’ educational systems.

Unlike the US, Canada has a much more relaxed approach to pre-elementary education, and children learn the alphabet and basic skills. The Canadian system of education has two main types of schools, public and private. Public schools are free to attend, and students usually live in the vicinity of the school. Private schools, on the other hand, cost money, are considered to produce higher academic results. Private schools accept students from out of town.

While Canadian schools have fewer standardized tests, they do have rigorous academic standards. Canadian universities generally base admission on a student’s performance in senior secondary school courses. In addition, most universities set an admission average, based on the level of competition in the program. For instance, a student’s high school GPA in Toronto was equivalent to that of a student who graduated from a more prestigious university in the US. In Canada, students are encouraged to apply to many universities, and the University of Alberta is one of the most competitive in the country.

While Canadian universities focus more on a student’s Grade 12 results, they are largely focused on courses relevant to the student’s intended area of study. In addition, the Canadian system also ranks higher in terms of salary for teachers, the safety of schools, and the quality of education. The country’s high school education is also a better choice for students in terms of quality. But Canadians should not overlook the fact that Canadian high school education is not as difficult as Americans’.

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