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Is a Black Button Down and a Pair of Khakis Considered Business Attire?

Is a black button down and a pair of khakis considered business attire? You may think the answer is no, but it’s actually a valid question that you’ll often get. The question is, what are the proper dress codes for such an outfit? Here’s what you need to know. Read on to learn about business attire guidelines for your office.

Business attire is categorized according to the level of formality required. What’s appropriate for one position at the company can differ dramatically from the other. Senior executives will generally wear more formal attire than entry-level employees. Therefore, the appropriate dress code for your company is crucial to your wardrobe planning. Dress codes are a reflection of your organization’s priorities and the level of formality you need to meet those standards. If you don’t know what the dress code is, it’s important to find out.

Men’s business attire standards vary by company. A button-down shirt and chino pants are acceptable for most jobs, but cropped pants are not acceptable for interview settings. For women, a skirt that hits mid-calf is considered business attire. Tops should be tucked into the jacket. They should never be visible through the suit jacket, and dress shirts should not be too revealing.

What’s the dress code for a business event? The dress code for a formal award ceremony or fancy dinner requires a higher level of formality. Men wear a dark suit, French-cut shirt, and matching dark pants. Women wear a skirt or pantyhose and closed-toed pumps. The dress code for these events depends on the company’s style and culture.

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