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How Reliable is the Kia Soul?

A reliable subcompact SUV is essential if you want to enjoy years of trouble-free driving. The Kia Soul can last for 200,000 miles with proper maintenance and repairs, but problems can occur after this mark. If you’re not sure what to do to keep your Soul in good condition, here are some things to look for. The Kia Soul has a seven-year warranty that’s transferable. It’s best to use your Soul for road trips as often as possible. Avoid taking it off-road, as the parts will last longer if you drive your Soul mainly on roads.

The Kia Soul’s reliability rating was largely unchanged when compared to that of other subcompact SUVs, which ranked eighth in overall reliability. However, the Kia Soul did finish on top in the small SUV class, while Kia itself was ranked eighth out of 31. Owners who own a Soul should not be alarmed, though, since fewer repairs are needed for the smaller model.

While the Kia Soul has been widely regarded as a highly reliable vehicle, not all models are built the same. According to repairpal.com, the first three generations of Souls are the least reliable. tunai4d The last three years have shown an overall improvement, but it still has some problems. In particular, owners who own a 2012-2016 Soul should consider buying a 2017 or 2018-model, as they have far less serious problems with the vehicle than the last three.

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