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Adding a WordPress Author Box Without a Plugin. A WordPress author box is an integral part of any blog or website. It’s easy to add one using a plugin or theme with a built-in author box. If you’d like to have an author box without installing a plugin, there are several options you can use. These options include adding your own author box, installing a plugin, or doing some manual work. Let’s take a look at some of the most common options

One of the advantages of using a plugin is that you can customize the design of your WordPress author box to match the colors of your site. In addition, you can create a simple, elegant author box with only necessary information. This option requires little or no coding knowledge, but comes with its risks. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, you may break your theme or even your theme itself. Before trying it, make sure you enter maintenance mode so you don’t mess anything up

Adding an author box without a plugin is tricky business. You need to customize the template to include the author’s avatar and a description. While there are several pre-designed templates, you may want to create a custom one

The get_the-author_meta() function is useful but is also dangerous for non-technical users. It’s best to consult a professional or technical wordpress expert for help with this

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